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Is 'Philosophy' Christian?

Yes. Philosophy is the pursuit of Truth and we as Christians know that God is Truth. Philosophy is therefore the pursuit of God.

Christians who reject this idea have a few problems. They either look at Philosophy and how far it has skewed away from the Truth and ask themselves, “How can this be Christian?”. I respond by saying, “Couldn’t you say the same by looking at Modern Christianity itself?”

Modern Christianity has become so subjective with its ‘truth’ that nearly anything can be preached from the pulpit and be declared ‘Christian’. We have the errors of the Prosperity Gospel, the errors of modernism, the errors of sensationalist spirituality, etc.

Another problem is that many modern Christians are uncertain as to what the truth is and are skeptical that one can understand truth without some form of corruption. This is doubting the reason and rationality that God has given us that we can understand certain truths that God has revealed. These same people cling to theology as being the only way we can understand truth without realizing, how much theology leans on philosophy. Most theologians will admit how important philosophy is to understanding theology.

So, where does that leave us? If God is Truth and Philosophy is the Pursuit of truth then how can philosophy be anything other than Christian?

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