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Recommended Reforms

There are three main reforms we are seeking that should be made to the course and three actions that should be made to support those who have already gone through the course. Below we will discuss these recommendations

Reforms to the Course

The three reforms we are seeking are:

1. To stop the use of all interrogation/exploitation techniques that could cause trauma and/or moral injury.

2. That monitoring psychologists on the CAC Level C course be chosen by the Australian Psychological Society or The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, subject to security vetting by AGSVA. These psychologists should also be able to withdraw participants anonymously.

3. To limit sleep deprivation on the course to 48 hours, in line with the equivalent training being done in the United Kingdom.

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Support to ex-Participants

The three actions to be done to support those who have gone through the course are:

1. All Mental Health Claims (including PTSD) submitted to the Department of Veterans Affairs by any person who participated in this course (RTI/CAC) should be de facto accepted.

2. The use of the 'Five Techniques' be declared illegal in Australia and nationally recognised as a form of torture.

3. An official apology be made by the federal Parliament for how it has treated soldiers during this course.

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