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How to Contact your Local MP

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1. Go to the Website

Go to the Following Website, and scroll down to the Search Members section. Once there, if you know the name of your local Member then type their name, otherwise insert your postcode or electorate and click search.

2. Click on 'Contact Form'

Once you have found your local Member of Parliament, click on the contact form next to their name.

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3. Fill out the details

Fill out your personal details in the form, and then copy and paste the following text into the questions section:

I was extremely disappointed to read that the Australian Government has been subjecting Australian Soldiers to torture and sexual violence during the Conduct After Capture Level C Course as described by the whistleblowers Damien de Pyle, Evan Donaldson and others. These human rights abuses are disgraceful and are a matter that should be addressed and rectified immediately.

As your local constituent, I support the reforms suggested by Damien de Pyle at the following website:

My questions are:

1. What will you do to ensure that this illegal treatment and human rights abuses don't continue to happen to future participants in this course?

2. Will you commit to supporting the reforms suggested by Damien de Pyle?

3. Will you support making the Five Techniques illegal in Australia and recognising them as a form of torture?

4. Will you support a Parliamentary apology to soldiers who have been mistreated and traumatised by this course?

5. Will you support veterans who have gone through this course by allowing them to have their mental health conditions de facto accepted by DVA?

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