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Reflections on the Visitation and Our Lady, Queen of Heaven.

Updated: May 31, 2022

Our Lady, greeted as our Queen Mother by St Elizabeth, the most pure ark of the New Covenant, was so humble in heart that she did not neglect the opportunity of this greeting to further praise God. The Magnificat is perhaps the most beautiful prayer reflecting the immaculate nature of the Blessed Virgin. So pure of heart that her very soul could do nothing but magnify the love of God. Her spirit, following the baptist, rejoicing in a singular jump that all mankind takes as part of that their birth into a new life. Yet, here stands the Theotokos bearing the author of this new life. The life bearer of the life bearer. It is so fitting that this joyous jump was first made by John, the man who would be the one to baptise Christ. It is through this jump we are all able to follow too, as Christ no longer baptised with just water but water and spirit. The beginning of our life of grace. How could we not jump with extatic joy at this great gift we are given by that Son. The King has truly come to earth, bringing with Him a new Kingdom and seated on the throne of the virgin womb. Blessed is Mary among women, and blessed is the fruit of her womb. A fruit so sweet, that it extinguishes the bitterness of that first fruit. A new fruit, born of seed that is in emnity with the evil seed of that slithering seducer. That ancient serpent waiting to devour this blessed fruit as our first parents devoured that old cursed one. However, the temple of God was not opened to a devouring death, but to glory. The glory of a woman clothed with the sun, and a moon under her feet. Crowned with the 12 stars of Israel, those apostolic lights. From this Blessed Queen has come salvation, and strength, and the Kingdom of our God which is the power of His Christ. How could we all not jump when presented with such a profound joy?

It is this Regina Caeli that we honour today, both in the old liturgy as Queen and mediatrix, and in the new as a visitor carrying the joy of the incarnation.

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