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The 'Philosophy' Paper series - Year 2

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Hello everyone, The end of my second year of studies is coming to a close and as per last year I will be releasing my academic assignments over a period of time. I will be including papers that aren't purely philosophical and touch on my thoughts in other areas such as art, psychoanalysis, politics, and of course, philosophy and theology. The reason for this expansion is that I have started the Bachelor of Arts (Western Civilisation) course at ACU and now have a lot more than just philosophy units to write for. Hopefully, the expanded reach of these topics may make my papers a bit more interesting to read. All papers that are part of the new Philosophy Paper series will have PPS in the title.

An update as to the book I've spoken about in previous blog posts, 'Beyond the Perpetual State', is that the first completed manuscript of the book was completed earlier this year (around September) and I have since then given copies to some of my lecturers and a couple of close friends for review. I am waiting on their feedback so that I can make the appropriate changes to finalise everything. However, in the meantime, I have been approaching publishers to have my book professionally published. My previous work, 'Problems with Protestantism', was self-published through Amazon and I think that since I have put significantly more work into this book, it is more fitting that it has a more professional publisher. However, I have found it difficult to find a publisher that would like to take my book on so I will persist for a while, but if I am still finding roadblocks to getting a publisher then I may be forced to self-publish again.

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