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What will the Kingdom of God be like?

The following is an excerpt from an upcoming book I am writing titled, 'The Army of God'. This book will be a Catechism for Soldiers to help them understand the Church Militant from a military perspective.

When we experience something beautiful, we are filled with pleasure. It could be having sex, seeing a beautiful piece of Art, listening to music, tasting exquisite food, even learning the truth about things, etc. What makes something beautiful? We see there are three things that make something beautiful. The talent of the craftsman of the piece of beauty, the overall Harmony of all the smaller components of the piece working together to form the greater work of Art, and finally the matter used for the art. We see in this that the work of art is never more beautiful than the craftsman. For the craftsman has a greater overall harmony of atoms making up his very being, he is made from flesh, blood, soul and spirit of which two things the craftsman can’t use to make a piece of art with, and finally because the King who created him is infinitely more talented than he is. Therefore, when we look at all the possible beauty around us in nature and by the hands of men, we see that the King and Creator of all existence must be even more beautiful than all the beauties we experience here. Since we gain pleasure in beauty, the pleasure we will gain in the Kingdom of God from being in the glory of the King and seeing Him face to face would be the greatest ecstasy of all time. Our minds cannot begin to imagine the beauty we would see because it would be like describing colour to a blind man. We are blind to what sort of beauty and pleasure we would experience without this ‘Beatific Vision’. This is what the Kingdom of God will be like.

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